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BUY NOW "When our heart has made its harvest, living is not bad"
Charles Baudelaire
The 2017 vintage was one of the hottest in recent years in Romangia, also according to many elderly people.
The temperatures of October / November were mild and the air currents coming from the sea warned us that summer did not want to give way to autumn.
In the vineyard there was an apparent calm: The leaves began to fall slowly. The autumn rains were made to wait in vain to the point that even in the months of January / February there was no rainfall. Pruning ended with temperatures above average so that in March we noticed an early swelling of the buds. Here we understood that 2017 would not be an easy year also because an almost summer month of April would have negatively affected an early flowering trend. In fact, this month we would remember it for how many years to come: At the end of the month, between 21 and 23 April, the frosts caused great damage to a large part of the production. The days continued under the banner of heat and in May we witnessed the compliment of flowering.
The summer months were very hot and the plants, due to the absence of rain, showed the first signs of suffering. During veraison, that is the moment when the vine stops developing its vegetative system to concentrate on the ripening of the grapes, the bunches seemed compact and healthy until the days to come when in August due to strong hot currents of sirocco they suffered damage, sometimes permanent, on the entire sub-area of ​​Romangia.
Extraordinarily up to now it was the only harvest done in August without considering the ripening curves due to too much care to save what can be saved.
Despite all this ungrateful vintage has given us gentle, subtle and elegant wines, almost like repaying us for lost hope.
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2018 BUY NOW 2019 WINE SPECIFICATIONS 2018 “Each vineyard has its own scrub, and it is a pleasure to look into it and know nests in it. Women, I thought, are wearing something similar "
Cesare Pavese

If the 2017 vintage in Romangia was one of the hottest, the 2018 was one of the wettest ever.
Some vintages are born easy but this one, immediately, if presented surly. It will remain unique due to the many days spent in the vineyard and working on the canopy of every single plant to try to avoid possible diseases.
After a fairly mild autumn full of rains, winter began to take its toll with a month of February with cold temperatures and it was then that pruning began: the cold mornings enticed us to drink several cups of hot coffee.
The month of March gave us pleasant and sunny days that allowed us to undermine the vineyard from spontaneous herbs. The buds began to swell. Spring came already in early April and with the rise in temperatures, the gift of flowering began, which lasted from the first decade of May until early June.
The vegetation, thanks to the water reserve of the soil, was luxuriant but despite the constant vigilance and the tireless work in the vineyard, the downy mildew manifested itself due to the incessant rains. Even powdery mildew thus found favorable conditions for its development. As a result we found ourselves with a reduced harvest in a year that frankly revealed all its difficulties to us.
The months of June and July alternated heavy showers and beautiful sunny days. In August nature calmed down, evenings in the vineyard became so wonderful that we would never forget that smell of sulfur in the air. And so September came: temperatures dropped to the point of slowing down the phenolic ripening of the grapes, thus allowing us to postpone the harvest of some native varieties.
The harvest began, a harvest of healthy grapes rich in salinity. And it is there that we brought another tough vintage to the cellar, but which generously gave us its best qualities.